The systems of channels in castings have become increasingly complex, which makes their testing extremely difficult and sophisticated. One can select the appropriate technology for the testing depending on the design of the individual castings and channels, which can be visible light, infra radiation or gas-based. This latter, our so-called Gas-Stream solution is also suitable for the testing of full or partial blockage of parallel channels. Our procedure is patented.


  • testing based on visible light
  • testing based on infra radiation
  • gas-based testing (Gas-Stream)
  • inline or offline design
  • a stand-alone application or may be integrated into QualiLine-C


  • detection of lack of channels owing to sand-core cracking
  • detection of partial or full blockage owing to sand-core cracking
  • detection of residual sand-core in the channel


  • an infra device that tests the channels of four and six-cylinder castings
  • Light Stream solutions integrated into QualiLine-C devices