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Cognex Vision

By applying the image processing technology of Cognex, it becomes possible to create products of better quality. The instruments of Cognex enable the elimination of defects, the testing of assembly and the monitoring and extraction of production information, in each stage of the production processes.

Cognex products represent that constantly renewed technology which has been a cutting-edge solution in the world since 1981, and is characterized by the highest level of accuracy, reliability and performance. By the millions of systems brought into service all over the world and the billions of products tested on a daily basis, Cognex helps manufacturers operating in every field of industry with separating defective goods, optimizing the manufacturing processes.

Image processing systems

The intelligent cameras of Cognex and its functional library containing patented algorithms the image processing systems can be integrated easily.

Image processing can be applied in every field of industry – in the automotive industry, in industries manufacturing goods for direct consumption, in the electronics industry, in food industry, in the production of medical devices, in the semiconductor industry, in the pharmaceutical industry, etc.

For example, it can be used for supervision, positioning, measurement, code reading, character recognition, testing for the existence/lack of items, code reading.


The sensors of Cognex are more reliable testing and component detecting tools than simple optical sensors. They succeed in tasks where the conventional sensors fail. They are multifunctional devices, in which the lighting, lens, camera, processor and the industrial connector are assembled in such a manner that they can be fit into the smaller space.

Image processing software

VisionPro combines the efficiency and flexibility of high-level programming with the graphical programming environment. It can be used regardless of the device and provides a rich functional library from simple geometric calculations all the way to 3-D calculations.




Cognex ID

The Cognex Dataman code readers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology in the field of the reading of 1D (bar) codes and 2D (DataMatrix) codes. If the code is available, then they will read it regardless of the set of signals, size, quality, printing technology or surface.

The use of the Dataman product line increases the efficiency and performance of manufacturing, reduces the additional costs incurred by spoiled goods, improves customer satisfaction and enables tracking of the goods.

Fixed code readers

Ahe performance of Cognex DataMan® fixed code readers is unmatched, they are easy to use and their size is extremely small. The all-in-one illumination, sensor, processor and communication unit make it capable of performing even the toughest reading tasks.

Handheld code readers

The group of Cognex Dataman handheld code readers include corded, cordless devices and those with a data collector. Each of the several types can be connected easily to the industrial networks. The robust but still light housing and the wide range of accessories ensure reliable operation even in industrial settings.






Allied Vision


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Allied Vision

Having been established in 1989, Allied Vision deals with the design, production and distribution of digital cameras and components suitable for industrial and research applications. Its high quality, innovative products make Allied Vision one of the top camera manufacturers of the world.

Their offering includes small size, fast, high-resolution and outdoor cameras. The modular build-up facilitates the serving of individual needs: the structure of not only the sensor, but also that of the optical connector or even the head can be modified. The special infrared cameras are capable of displaying image details not visible to the naked eye, thus they are suitable, for example, for sensing heat.

Areas of application

Allied Vision offers cameras for image processing in the most varied fields:

  • industrial testing and automation
  • healthcare and medical areas
  • research and development
  • safety and transport
  • logistics
  • multimedia, entertainment industry and sports
  • and many other fields of application





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LATAB offers more than 3000 different types of lighting devices that can be applied in image processing. The shapes of our products are extremely varied.

The controllers of the illuminations emit constant or flashing light. A supporting element can be ordered for each product, as well as cables of various lengths, and diffuser for some of them. LATAB also prepares individually designed illuminations.

Available colours

  • UV (395 nm)
  • blue (465 nm)
  • green (520 nm)
  • red (617 nm)
  • IR (880 nm)
  • white
  • RGB