Track & Trace Systems


By our Track & Trace systems you can track your products carrying an individual ID in each stage of manufacturing, and if necessary, you can also assign the manufacturing parameters to the ID. In the case of high speed mass production it can screen the “odd men out”: it can test whether the manufactured goods contain any item that does not belong there..


  • can be applied with any code type (DataMatrix, QR, EAN etc.)
  • a speed of up to 40-50 items/second
  • mounted or handheld solution
  • can be built up in a modular way (control, display, database system, etc.)
  • any kind of communication protocol is feasible (TCP/IP, ProfiNet, SQL etc.)
  • connection with the enterprise resource management system


  • tracking of products with a unique ID
  • assignment of the production parameters to products
  • test of product compliance in mass production

Our systems in operation

  • testing of raw materials and packaging in food industry
  • assignment of individual IDs to parameters in a database