By integrating our compact system in production lines (inline) or installing them as standalone stations (offline), we can test your individually manufactured or mass-produced goods. We perform testing for the dimensions of the products; the availability or lack of their components or their colour. We test the products without contact, using digital cameras and special solutions, in a PC environment or by smart cameras.


  • modular design
  • the layout is customized to the product
  • calibrated test
  • inline or offline version
  • manual, semi-automatic or automatic testing
  • manual, semi-automatic or automatic product handling
  • supplementary modules are available as needed (user interface, preparation of statistics, communication)


  • measurement of the shape characteristics of the products
  • definition of position
  • definition of product orientation
  • testing for the existence of a component (circuit, assembled product)
  • testing for the existence/compliance of the label and the legend

Our systems in operation

  • gap testing
  • testing the colours of the fuses
  • testing the existence of caps
  • testing the existence of the date of expiry
  • testing of the length of screws
  • keyboard testing